SLUICE ART FAIR, LONDON 18/10 - 20/10/13

Some pictures from the Sluice Art Fair in London.

Tabletop sound making.

Performance at the closing event.

 I was invited to the Sluice Art Fair by THE PENTHOUSE, Manchester where I was on the artist residency program for five weeks early in 2013.
Along with fellow artists and Penthouse directors Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp and Invited artist Benny McChrystal Plimmer I spent almost the whole time on the stall collaborating and improvising with sound and making on-the-spot works responding to the immediate environment including spontaneous sound making around the venue with a found metal object which got a few confused looks from people who probably couldn't tell if I was making art or just a slightly strange person, particularly when I threw the object out onto a metal fire escape. To close the event 2 KOI KARP joined myself, Debbie and Rosanne in line-up of improvised, experimental sound perfromances. From a personal perspective it was one of the performances I've enjoyed playing the most since I'd had two days of warming up it was one of the more disjointed and louder sets I've done as well as the longest so far. Travelling to London meant I had to strip down my set-up so went for the lap guitar, book, and pocket radio for my most minimal set-up so far, which forced me to concentrate more getting different sounds from each instrument and made for a more raw and immediate sound.