Record labels collage

Untitled collage of graphics from old record covers, mainly the names of the companies, with a found frame slightly bigger than a 12 inch record sleeve.


Live at Chorlton Arts Festival, 27-5-2012

"Not And"
Live improvisation for Chorlton Arts Festival, 27-5-2012.

Keyboard, square-wave, FM radio, cymbal, book, objects, contact mics, mobile phone, effects, loops and mixing all improvised and performed live. 26th live performance and first to feature the Casio PT-30 mini keyboard and a sample recorded on a mobile phone.
This is a recording of the entire performance. The last few minutes are an impromptu ending of touching a stereo jack through a digital delay, something I will use more in future performances.
Apologies for the not-perfect sound but it is quite a big file and I wanted it to stay in one piece.