Sonic Review- David Lynch: The Factory Photographs

"I love industry. Pipes. I love fluid and smoke. I love man-made things. I like to see people hard at work, and I like to see sludge and man-made waste." David Lynch
A short piece based on tape-recorded field recordings made at The Photographer’s Gallery, London at an exhibition of David Lynch’s Factory Photographs. The exhibition is black and white photographs of slightly bleak and foreboding industrial landscapes from around th e world. This is my response to a brief asking to make a ‘review’ of something artistic or cultural I had seen recently. I took a tape recorder along to the exhibition and recorded sounds of people talking while viewing the work, using the elevator, opening and closing doors, the sound of myself walking around the exhibition and the dark, ambient tones of Lynch’s own sound installation accompanying the exhibition. The tape recordings were then processed through digital delay, while stop-starting the tape causing the sounds of the tape recorder and the recordings to repeat and overlap to create new sounds. The piece was re-mixed in real-time while being copied between two tape recorders. Some low synth tones were added in response to Lynch’s own sounds. Quite how this constitutes a review I don’t know but there it is.

David Lynch, Untitled (England) late 1980s early 1990s