Constantly Evolving But Never Ending

Constantly Evolving But Never Ending is the exhibition, symposium and performance event for MA Sound Arts at The London College of Communication featuring some of the work I've been developing in my practice as part of the course. My piece will be a performance on the final evening.

2nd-7th December 2014
Angus Hughes Gallery
26 Lower Clapton Road
London E5 OPD

Opening: Monday 1st December 7-9pm
Symposium: Sunday 7 December 2pm
Performances: Sunday 7 December 7pm

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From the program notes:


Approaching The Object (solo improvisation with objects), 2014

Fisher’s performance will be a solo improvisation reflecting aspects of the ongoing development of a personal playing practice based around sounding particular objects in an improvised way. It will present a series of examples of ways in which the artist approaches the objects to create sounds and focus on the relationship between the artist’s own idiosyncratic approaches and the object as a material with potential to make sound.

It is only through some kind of interaction that these particular sounds can happen. Are these sounds unique to the person causing them? Why these objects and approaches? What are the risks of improvising alone? Is there a relationship between the object and the artist? How will this work in the context of a performance? In the context of his overall practice which usually involves improvised performances incorporating combinations of different media and technologies this would be considered a relatively minimal and restrained approach.


Pictures from Ritual In Parallel For Objects And Electronics- at Soundings No.1

Some pictures from the performance of Graham Dunning and Gary Fisher: Ritual In Parallel For Objects And Electronics at Soundings No.1, 6 November 2014, Power Lunches, London

This was an improvised three phase 'ritual' of two people improvising with two sets of the same three instruments; cymbal, drum and turntable, and moving through timed segments of each instrument in turn and in parallel with each other.

Pictures by Gilda Manfring


Graham Dunning & Gary Fisher: Ritual In Parallel For Objects And Electronics – at SOUNDINGS No.1

‘Soundings, No. 1′, Power Lunches, Thursday 6th November 2014
‘Soundings’ is a series of concerts exploring the boundaries between new music, sound art and computer music.
Graham Dunning & Gary Fisher: Ritual In Parallel For Objects And
Graham Dunning & Gary Fisher are sound artists and improvising musicians who individually explore process, investigation and experimentation in their work. The duo have performed together a only handful of times despite their close, ten year association. This new collaboration is a ritual in parallel exploring similarities in
practice and differences in approach.
(From grahamdunning.com)

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