Tube Map Rearranged

A London Underground map torn along the lines where I folded it to fit into my pocket and rearranged on graph paper. During my recent Trip to London I walked around the city -on average- about 8-10 miles a day and was thinking about ideas of Situationism, this is kind of a response to that. 
Here is one dictionary definition of rearrange: • change (the position, time, or order of something) he had rearranged his schedule.
This phone picture has been enhanced in photoshop. More collage maps, field recordings and works inspired by that trip will be coming soon. The finished maps will be properly photographed later.


Working at home: "Skip Studios"

The state of the table in the living room of my flat in Whalley Range, Manchester since I don't have a studio. I've called it Skip Studios. I've recently got back into recording and making things and finding things after a difficult couple of years. This current set up is a 10 channel mixer with digital loops and delays recording the usual mix of mini keyboards -which despite being a regular fixture in my live performances are yet to feature on a 'studio' recording- tapes, objects, home made electronics, amplified cymbals, Buddha Machines etc onto 4-track tape recorder allowing for a kind of half composed, half improvised approach which can be mixed in real time while transferring from 4-track to MP3. So it's still pretty much all improv but I can kind a kind of live edit. As well as the sound art stuff that I will be doing forever I'm working on a more self-contained project with the provisional name "Eardrums" involving electronic beats from an app on my mobile phone, percussion and guitars with lots of noise but more conventional structure (well, as much as I can manage). Would be great to get people to collaborate on that.
Sounds coming soon.

Open sound Group - Tape Music recordings

In September 2012 I joined the Open Sound Group in London for a collaborative workshop and recording session all about experimenting with tape. The recordings were released in January 2013.

The fourth Open Sound Group event was held at Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick on 16th September 2012 and featured seven artists and musicians experimenting with analogue tape. This release documents recordings from the event.

Participants: Daniel Adeyemi, Melanie Clifford, Graham Dunning, Emily Evans, Gary Fisher, Henry Holmes, Simon Reuben White.
Illustrator and visual artist Emily Evans also made some images during the event, included in the download.

Click here for photographs from the event.


01, 02
Full group tape improv recorded onto fourtrack cassette via line and mic inputs

Full group tape improv recorded to stereo cassette via inbuilt microphone

digital recorder, mics, noise box + tapes

05, 06, 07
mobile digital recorder with stereo mics; moving through various experiments in the space

various members contributing to a long, overlapping tape loop.
Recording via digital recorder on amplifier at the other end of the loop

Multiple small loops made from disecting the loop made in 08, playing simultaneously
recorded with mobile digital recorder, mics

multiple micro-loops inside cassettes made by each participant
lines mixed and amplified: digital recorder placed by speaker