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"Temporary Structures"

Gary Fisher 2010
1. (12.02)

2. (8.04)

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Skip06- Temporary Structures
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From the album's last.fm page:

A recording of a rehearsal the night before a concert that was cancelled. Temporary Structures is a continuous,
improvised, live composition in three loose ‘movements’ moving through different combinations of instruments and objects and forming smaller compositions and cycles that overlap and leak into each other, sounds falling in and fading out or popping up suddenly (the accidental sound of a spectrum game tape signaled the end of the first part and has ended two live performances in a similar way). The intention for the performance and this recording was to was to be more patient with building the composition by letting it unfold with more of a sense of time passing and include a mixture of sounds created electronically and acoustically ranging from textured, minimal and close, such as a rustled plastic bag against a microphone, to ambient and spacial sounds like live radio static without it getting too noise-heavy. The piece starts minimal and quiet with the textured sound of an amplified book being tapped and scraped and ends in a similar way, but more tuneful, with a single echoed note from the scrap guitar a home-made instrument of a bit of found wood with two guitar machine-heads at one end and strings stretched across it.

The title “Temporary Structures” comes from a fascination with architecture and structures related to it that are not permanent fixtures (cranes and scaffolding are constantly going up and coming down all over Manchester in it’s relentless regeneration) and was conceived some time before but chosen for this recording as it suggests something about the approach to the composition and the things that inspired it. The cover photo is the Chapman Gallery at the University of Salford taken by Gary on 35m film. The CDr version is packaged in a single sheet of folded A4 paper printed with the full photo.

Instruments and objects used: amplified book, scrap guitar, contact mics, plastic bag, small cymbal, drum mic, reverb spring (removed from a guitar amplifier), knitting needle, beater (metal skewer with bouncy ball on the end), tape recorder with train tape and spectrum game tape, heat sink (removed from an old stereo), stylophone with chorus effect pedal, pocket radio, Loop-station and -of course- digital delay.
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Counting Backwards #5

Thursday 3 February, 7.30pm, Fuel Cafe Bar, Withington, Manchester.

The next installment of Counting Backwards: a bi-monthly text-sound-performance event founded and curated by Matt Dalby, Richard Barrett and myself. The event has been doing well since it launched and has featured a good mix of experimental music,   poetry, sound art and performance.


Electronic Organica IX 28/01/11

Planning a piece in 3 parts for this night of experimental music and improvisation. Aiming for a good mix of sounds, electronic and acoustic with some nice subtle, quiet parts as well as the usual loops and noises piling up.

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