Mill 24: 12 tracks completed.

Mill 24 was a 24 hour arts event at Islington Mill, Salford, from 12pm on Saturday June 29 till 12pm on Sunday June 30 With artists creating works and performances throughout the 24 hours. My original proposal was to make 24 different sound recording in 24 hours with 1 hour to source, record, edit and publish each track within the hour. The project was shortened to 12 hours. Using only the place and what was happening at the time as the basis for the recordings the results are mostly field recordings taken on various formats; reel-to-reel tape, digital voice recorder, cassette-recorder and direct to computer, capturing different textures and documenting actions, observations, people, places and spaces around the Mill. The results are the 12 tracks and photographs below that were posted as they were finished some were published late - an hour is a rather short time find something to record, record it, photograph it, edit it, upload to Soundcloud, link to the blog and upload a photograph.

Tape recorder and sound drawing on a windowsill of the stairs  at Islington Mill.


Mill 24 Track 9: Graham's Induction Coil

Sound of Graham Dunning using a drill against his hand-made induction coil echoing down the corridor outside the studio. Recorded on cassette dictafone with lots of inteference. Published at 20:57.

Graham Dunning at Mill 24

Mill 24 Track 4: Outside The Building From The Studio.

Mill 24: Outside The Building From The Studio by Gary Fisher

Sound from outside the building, from the studio on second floor, as picked up by a drum mic, pointing downwards, through a mixer with added bass. Recorded direct to the computer. Published at 15:58.

Mill 24 Track 2: Contact Mic Dragged Down Stairs.

Mill 24: Contact mic dragged down stairs. by Gary Fisher

A hand-made contact mic dragged down stairs from the 4th to the ground floor.

Digital recording. Published at 14:02

Mill 24 Track 1: On The Stairs

Mill 24: On The Stairs. by Gary Fisher

First sound recording for Mill 24. Taken on the stairs of the Mill with a cassette tape recorderon the lowest tape speed. Published 16 minutes late.

Mill 24: 12 new sound recordings in the first 12 hours.

12pm - 12am

Mill24 is a series of 24 hour exhibitions taking place every last Saturday of the month in April 2010 and May 2010 at Islington Mill, Manchester, UK.

The project will utilise all 5 floors of the vastly versatile Mill space with a diverse range of work from both Local and International artists. The work will be innovatively presented, with site specific installation, performance, and time based media. Each exhibition will be a packed programme of up and coming artists, with each piece of work scheduled within a structured ‘day’.

The concept for this project was born out of an interest in the quick turnaround of exhibition programming and the short attention span towards art that comes with it. The 24-hour time frame is essentially one private view, prolonging the excitement of an opening but turning all of the artwork shown in the exhibition into ‘limited edition’ works, once the day is over the work will not be seen again at the same venue. We have curated these engaging, interactive shows so that throughout one day several performances, happenings, and ‘openings’ occur simultaneously.

Dates . Sat 24th-Sun 25th April 2010 6pm-6pm. Sat 29th-Sun 30th May 2010 12pm-12pm.

Place . Islington Mill . James Street . M3 5HW .

Contact . mill24@hotmail.co.uk

Curated by Lois Macdonald . Helen Collett . Anna Beam .


Recording of Amplified Floorboard.

Amplified Floorboard by Gary Fisher

A recording of the Amplified Floorboard installation -direct from the contact mic- on the last day of the exhibition.

April 23, 2010.