New sound work "PianoDrones"

The first in a new series of sound works from remixing and rearranging some of my own recordings into new works, PianoDrones was composed on computer using a 2007 recording of a live improvisation with an abandoned piano that has been used in several live performances over the years and recent recordings of an electric piano. The short samples have been stretched and manipulated through software to form drones and drawn out ambient sounds and causing some small sounds and details to become audible.

Press Gang at Sluice 2015

The zine version of my recent self released album has been included in The Penthouse's new project Press Gang. A super-limited number of copies -including download voucher- will be available to buy at Sluice_2015 along with books, cassettes and audio works by some interesting and innovative artists. Details and links below.

Press Gang

The Press Gang is a new project based from artist led space in Manchester’s Northern Quarter promoting artists new work via the art of self publishing including artists books, audio books, tapes and zines.
The first stop for Press Gang is Sluice__ 2015 which occupies OXO Tower Wharf, Southbank (London) 16-18 October 2015. 
Works presented by: 
Rosanne Robertson
Debbie Sharp
Jean McEwan
Gary Fisher
Graham Dunning
Mio Ebisu & Sam Andreae 
Join us for the preview event at Sluice__ Thursday 15 Oct on the top floor of The Bargehouse building of Oxo Tower Wharf where we will be launching the project.