Dunning x Testrack x Fisher - Triangle

New collaborative release: Triangle

"Sound artists Graham Dunning and Gary Fisher with producer and electronic musician Testrack improvising three tracks of bass-heavy drone at the Penthouse artist space in Manchester, April 2013."
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Gary Fisher Compilation. 2007-2013 compilation release. Free download.

Gary Fisher Compilation. Imaginatively titled compilation release. Free download.

Selected home and studio recordings from 2007-2013 spanning the various approaches, phases experiments in sound composition (not in date order). Prevalent through the recordings is a fascination with amplifying textures and surfaces and the use of loops to build layered compositions of sounds. Some of the tracks are from previous releases and some have been officially released for the first time.

Stream below, download all files and cover (ZIP) or go to Gary Fisher Compilation at the Internet Archive.

Compilation is made up of recordings from 2007 to 2013 including the short Piano and Objects one of my first recorded attempts at improvising with sound and is unique that it features no electronic effects or instruments and was recorded on a real piano.  An approach I intend to investigate more in future especially after a recent performance at The Penthouse, Manchester, using just 3 cymbals, objects and amplification, which I really enjoyed. Some of the tracks on Compilation are selected from my previous releases and some are made available here for the first time. They span various stages in my development as an artist and the many approaches, techniques, instruments, objects, electronics, mistakes and experiments including the ever present fascinations with amplifying textures and surfaces; using found objects and and found sounds; loops and delays and self -imposed restrictions. No live recordings are included as they are often about 20-30 minutes in length and are currently being located to be uploaded individually to the Live Music Archive.