Amplified Floorboard exhibit at Kraak Gallery, Manchester.

"A site-specific installation that explores sound through the amplification of surfaces, textures and surroundings in the gallery space. Part of the gallery floor is amplified to draw attention to the vibrations and sounds created when visitors walk across a specific part of the space. The sound is relayed to a speaker placed away from the source meaning the result is dislocated from it's origin." (from statement in exhibition catalogue)

In appearance this is my most minimal exhibition work to date: an amplifier at one side of the room and a speaker on the other. Underneath a contact mic attached to the underside of the wooden floor with the wire going underneath to an amplifier sat on the floor with avery long wire going along the gaps in the floorboards to the other side of the room. The hand-built contact mic was quite sensitive and picked up sound from other floorboards around the one with the mic attached meaning more quiet sounds could be heard by not stepping directly onto that specific floorboard. It was not obvious to most visitors which was the amplified floorboard and some didn't realise where the sound from the speaker originated or what it was. Some fun was had on the opening night watching people interact with the work noticing that when they stepped on a certain part of the floor it made a noise, some people started dancing to create rhythmic sounds while others traced the wire back from the speaker to the amplifier to try to discover the source of the sound.