Guest on All.FM Anything Goes Breakfast show

Fellow EVERYTHING'S GREAT! artist Louise Woodcock and myself were live guests on the show hosed by Fiona Ledgard. Chatting about the exibition and choosing some music. The show also features a recorded interview with the other artists Jen McDonald and Helen Shanahan. Listen to the recording of the whole show here:

02/02/12 The Anything Goes Breakfast Show with Everything's...

EVERYTHING'S GREAT! group exhibition

Named after a ridiculously upbeat and unintentionally ironic shopping bag design this is an excellent group exhibition at The Hive- a gallery based in a commercial unit in a Rochdale shopping centre. A strangely attractive, slightly unsettling and somewhat tasteless affair (tongue firmly in cheek, of course) with a fittingly shambolic and camp opening ceremony and some excellent work from all the artists involved. I could go on and on about this exhibition. Just read this great review by Matt Dalby: santiago's dead wasp: everything's great! reviewsantiagosdeadwasp.blogspot.com 
and check out the facebook group: EVERYTHING'S GREAT!