Open Sound Group #4: Tape Music

I'll be doing this on Sunday.
Open Sound Group #4: Tape Music
A one-day open workshop and networking event for artists and musicians working with analogue tape.
1pm – 8pm Sunday, 16th September 2012
Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick, London
it’s all done with tape recorders consider this machine and what it can do … you can study and analyze every pause and inflection of a recorded conversation … a tape recorder can play back fast slowly or backwards … play a sentence backwards and learn to unsay what you just said… such exercises bring you a liberation from old association locks– William Burroughs, The Invisible Generation.
Open Sound Group events give participants the opportunity to share ideas; talk about and demonstrate their practices and methods; form potential collaborative connections; and create sounds and record together. While the format of the day is open and flexible, one expected outcome is a series of recordings which will be released through the Open Sound Group netlabel. The event will take place at Elevator Gallery in Hackney Wick, East London.
The event is open to artists, musicians, composers and performers from any background. The one restriction specific to this event is that only analogue tape can be used, both as input source and recording medium. Four-track cassette and domestic reel-to-reel machines will be available on the day.



Record Prints [A5 card]

Prints from 7-inch records. Black block printing ink on A5 card.


Record Prints [A3 paper]

Prints from 7-inch records using black block printing ink on A3 graph paper.
The last two images are prints from pieces of a broken record.


Record labels collage

Untitled collage of graphics from old record covers, mainly the names of the companies, with a found frame slightly bigger than a 12 inch record sleeve.


Live at Chorlton Arts Festival, 27-5-2012

"Not And"
Live improvisation for Chorlton Arts Festival, 27-5-2012.

Keyboard, square-wave, FM radio, cymbal, book, objects, contact mics, mobile phone, effects, loops and mixing all improvised and performed live. 26th live performance and first to feature the Casio PT-30 mini keyboard and a sample recorded on a mobile phone.
This is a recording of the entire performance. The last few minutes are an impromptu ending of touching a stereo jack through a digital delay, something I will use more in future performances.
Apologies for the not-perfect sound but it is quite a big file and I wanted it to stay in one piece.


"Cold War Relic"

Recorded and mixed on 4-track tape recorder in 2011. The first home recording I made for a while that was composed using over-dubs rather than a live recording of a continuous improvisation. Each track has a few different instruments recorded at different tape speeds with loops and delays. The picture is of the Chapman Gallery, Salford, 2010.


Guest on All.FM Anything Goes Breakfast show

Fellow EVERYTHING'S GREAT! artist Louise Woodcock and myself were live guests on the show hosed by Fiona Ledgard. Chatting about the exibition and choosing some music. The show also features a recorded interview with the other artists Jen McDonald and Helen Shanahan. Listen to the recording of the whole show here:

02/02/12 The Anything Goes Breakfast Show with Everything's...

EVERYTHING'S GREAT! group exhibition

Named after a ridiculously upbeat and unintentionally ironic shopping bag design this is an excellent group exhibition at The Hive- a gallery based in a commercial unit in a Rochdale shopping centre. A strangely attractive, slightly unsettling and somewhat tasteless affair (tongue firmly in cheek, of course) with a fittingly shambolic and camp opening ceremony and some excellent work from all the artists involved. I could go on and on about this exhibition. Just read this great review by Matt Dalby: santiago's dead wasp: everything's great! reviewsantiagosdeadwasp.blogspot.com 
and check out the facebook group: EVERYTHING'S GREAT!