Approaching The Object

An on-going project of developing a solo improvising practice based around instinctive and investigatory responses to objects. Also this was the final major project of my Sound Arts MA.
"Making sounds with objects is an integral part of my work and one of it's core components. The aim of the project has become to investigate this part of my practice and consider the ideas, approaches, directions and questions raised by thinking about the act of simply interacting with objects to create sounds. The term "object" is also applied to instruments as well as other things since in the physical part of this process they are all treated as materials with the potential to make sound through interaction and are not always approached in the intended manner. There will be a focus on my own process-led approach, my work and life as an ongoing continuum of thinking and doing and the various influences and areas of research relevant to the project."
On 7th December 2014 the live performance "Approaching The Object" was presented at Angus-Hughes Gallery, London and supplemented by the self published booklet "Document For Approaching the Object" containing selected notes, images and texts from the on-going project. The document was handmade and partly designed on the page then reproduced by photocopier.

According to my own working methods different parts of the project have been documented in different ways at different times- including sound recording, blogging, notebooks and photography.

Blog posts for Approaching The Object

Original project proposal pdf

Approaching The Object performance at Angus-Hughes Gallery, London
Objects from improv session at home, November 2014

In the studio, July 2014

Objects and cases in the studio