FOUND compilation out now on Found in a Skip

Just relaunched the label Found in a Skip with a great compilation of experimental sounds, improvised music, electronics, field recording and more. Previously the label was used only to release and promote my own stuff but after deciding it should be a proper label started putting together a compilation of the kind of things I want to release in the future. It took ages to put together and it's gone out minus a few artists I wanted to be on it but I also wanted to keep the label moving and start getting some full releases ready by some of these artists and others.

"FOUND" compilation out now

Found in a skip, a new netlabel that celebrates experimental sound through free downloads and absolute freedom to the artists, launches with "FOUND": an eclectic compilation of artists, groups and recordists covering (among other things) improvisation, field recordings, tape music, circuit bending, a remix of abstract sound and a load of people drumming in a swimming pool. Featured artists:
Noise Research vs Herve Perez, Gary Fisher + Maxbender, W VON, Graham Dunning, Koobaatoo Asparagus, URN, Salford Media City, Christopher William Anderson, Trying to Remember Fields, The Royal House of Choke.

Listen below  Download for FREE or go to the Release- skip07 at the label.

Tracks: 1. Noise Research vs Herve Perez 1001 [Edit] 2. Gary Fisher + Maxbender Music Book [Seti-signal Mix] 3. W VON We Found Two Strings 4. Graham Dunning Digbeth After Hours 5. Koobaatoo Asparagus They Lied Starz Are Planets 6. URN Blue Death 7. Salford Media City The Lynx Effect 8. Christopher William Anderson Moskenstraumen 9. Trying to Remember Fields Trying to Remember Fields 10. The Royal House of Choke White Rabbid

About the label: Found In a Skip is a net label releasing free downloads of experimental music, sound art, field recordings and a variety of experimental approaches to sound and recording by a wide variety of artists, musicians, groups and recordists.

The label will exist only online and be promoted through various sound and music related sites such as soundcloud, last.fm, sound network and through facebook.

All the releases will be available as free downloads.

For the full releases there will be no restrictions on the kind of album they want to make. I am choosing artists I trust will make interesting releases in their own way. I will just make them all available as a collection in one place.

Hopefully the artists will find it a nice way to formulate more unusual sounds or project works into releases and it will become a way for people interested in sound and experimental music to discover some new things and get them for free.