Live pictures 2008-2011

Some live photos from the last few years.
A full list of performances and events is at the "About/CV" page

Stroke Club at Gulliver's, Manchester, 2011

Electronic Organica 9 at Briton's Protection, Manchester, 2011

Counting Backwards at Fuel, Manchester, 2011

King's Arms, Salford, 2010
KRAAK Gallery, Manchester, 2009. With Graham Dunning.

Startrunning at Sandbar, Manchester, 2009

WOMB Live, Briton's Protection, Manchester, 2008


Pics from the studio: on the wall

Some more phone pictures of my wall in the studio. Some graphic scores, collages and a violin with a nail and fircone.

Pics from the studio: desk & modified guitar

Some phone pictures from the studio of what's going on on my desk at the moment.

Pics from the studio: new sculptures/instruments

Some recent phone pictures from the studio...

Two hanging sculptures / percussion instruments constructed found objects.


Anything Goes Breakfast Show (from 30/06/11)

30/06/11- I was invited to go on The All FM Anything Goes Breakfast Show by presenter and friend Fiona Ledgard. Here I am talking (quietly) about my work and playing some of my favourite music.
I know this is a bit old by blogging standards but I'm not that good at keeping it up to date or remembering everything I've done. It was well worth posting though.


FOUND compilation out now on Found in a Skip

Just relaunched the label Found in a Skip with a great compilation of experimental sounds, improvised music, electronics, field recording and more. Previously the label was used only to release and promote my own stuff but after deciding it should be a proper label started putting together a compilation of the kind of things I want to release in the future. It took ages to put together and it's gone out minus a few artists I wanted to be on it but I also wanted to keep the label moving and start getting some full releases ready by some of these artists and others.

"FOUND" compilation out now

Found in a skip, a new netlabel that celebrates experimental sound through free downloads and absolute freedom to the artists, launches with "FOUND": an eclectic compilation of artists, groups and recordists covering (among other things) improvisation, field recordings, tape music, circuit bending, a remix of abstract sound and a load of people drumming in a swimming pool. Featured artists:
Noise Research vs Herve Perez, Gary Fisher + Maxbender, W VON, Graham Dunning, Koobaatoo Asparagus, URN, Salford Media City, Christopher William Anderson, Trying to Remember Fields, The Royal House of Choke.

Listen below  Download for FREE or go to the Release- skip07 at the label.

Tracks: 1. Noise Research vs Herve Perez 1001 [Edit] 2. Gary Fisher + Maxbender Music Book [Seti-signal Mix] 3. W VON We Found Two Strings 4. Graham Dunning Digbeth After Hours 5. Koobaatoo Asparagus They Lied Starz Are Planets 6. URN Blue Death 7. Salford Media City The Lynx Effect 8. Christopher William Anderson Moskenstraumen 9. Trying to Remember Fields Trying to Remember Fields 10. The Royal House of Choke White Rabbid

About the label: Found In a Skip is a net label releasing free downloads of experimental music, sound art, field recordings and a variety of experimental approaches to sound and recording by a wide variety of artists, musicians, groups and recordists.

The label will exist only online and be promoted through various sound and music related sites such as soundcloud, last.fm, sound network and through facebook.

All the releases will be available as free downloads.

For the full releases there will be no restrictions on the kind of album they want to make. I am choosing artists I trust will make interesting releases in their own way. I will just make them all available as a collection in one place.

Hopefully the artists will find it a nice way to formulate more unusual sounds or project works into releases and it will become a way for people interested in sound and experimental music to discover some new things and get them for free. 


Beans tin synth (2008-2010)

Short video from 2010 0f the beans tin synth: a build-it-yourself square wave generator encased in a beans tin. Here it's played through a digital delay. It has since been housed in a hard metal case because it was not practical (though it looked good) and the knob kept coming loose. The beans tin and the new version have featured in many live performances and recordings over the last few years. At the moment I'm building a new one with a wider frequency range to be housed in a wooden cigar box.


Pages from collage book. (2011- ongoing)

Some scanned collages from a small exercise book. Approximately A5 in size. 
The materials are from a continuous collection of found images and bits of paper kept specially for collage.
The "Red Mono Blue Stereo" piece was composed in a few minutes and the clock with the Chinese map of Britain over few days as the clock picture was stuck down and the map added later. Many of the collages start from a picture that has already been stuck in the book for a while. The map and images in the two black and white collages are from a Chinese newspaper found on a bus in Manchester.


Sea of Mirrors on Electronic Musik (em139)

Live recording from 'Stroke Club at Gulliver's on 17-03-11 is available on the Electronic Musik net label along with two out-takes from a home recording. Free to download.

Download: em 139- Sea of Mirrors (zip of all files including cover direct from the label)

1. Cymbal + Book    2. Sea of Mirrors [live]    3. Lime Street Station 1

Electronic Muisk is: "...a DIY label which specialises in experimental electronica and improvised music. Formed in 2000 it’s run by the Sound manipulator / Improvising musician Ian Simpson (aka Noise Research) and is non profit making which enables the label to release exactly what it wants (ie: what it likes). Ian is based in the U.K."

The recording "Sea of Mirrors" was made live at the 'Stroke Club' night at Gulliver's, Manchester using; cymbal and book with contact mics; Buddha Machine; tape recorder with Amstrad tape; reverb spring and FM radio. The piece was titled afterwards with a phrase I've had with me since I was a kid and remembered when an audience member mentioned the ocean in relation to the feel of the piece. Also on the release are two out-takes from a rehearsal recorded at home. 'Cymbal + Book' is a live recording experimenting with the two amplified objects and with panning the different looped sounds in Stereo and 'Lime Street Station' (named after the train station in Liverpool because it feels like a nice combination of words) was recorded the day before the performance and features all the same objects and instruments. The cover photo was taken in Birmingham in 2009. 

(See also: post 23-3-11- live review by Cath Aubergine)


Hiss Heads zine interview.

A very idiosyncratic interview by Florian Fusco for his self-published magazine 'Hiss Heads'. (know what I mean?) Not exactly in depth but touches nicely and lightly on my process, influences, general ramblings etc.

Click the image to see the full-size scan.
Hiss Heads is an interview 'zine on experimental musicians and recordists who work from home in the Manchester area. I'm not sure of the availability of the publication. 
Florian Fusco is an artist and writer from Germany and was the Kraak Gallery artist in residence during November 2010. florianfusco.com


Stroke Club at Gulliver's, 17-3-11 live review.

Here is a lovely review of my set for Stroke Club at Gulliver's, Manchester. 
By Cath Aubergine.

"...anyone wandering in unawares would be forgiven for thinking "what the fuck?" - there's a bunch of people sitting about on chairs or even (god help them) the carpet while what initially sounds like a rather quiet aeronautical flypast emanates from the speakers. The sound is coming from the fingers, electronic equipment and imagination of Gary Fisher, a locally-based sound and visual artist whose general philosophy is, as he puts it: "objects, images, sound recordings and live performances may be seen as individual pieces in their own right as well as parts of a bigger 'work in progress' that is the process itself". Tonight he is working in a field somewhere near the far boundary of "ambient music" where, what could be heavily processed found sounds or could be waveforms designed from scratch (and how processed does a sound need to be before it is no longer found but manufactured? You don't find yourself in this kind of thought process watching indie bands, do you?) build, overlap, fold back in on themselves. More abrasive and discordant than, say, Machinefabriek but equally entrancing, this is probably as close to a synaesthetic experience as a person with regular senses will get: these sounds definitely have shapes, of sorts. The room's small glitterball spins slowly above, tracing strings of light across the floor and audience, absorbing and hypnotic."
 Photo by Kane

The full review by Cath Aubergine including a set by the mighty WOMB can be found at: www.music-dash.co.uk/live

Stroke club is a regular night of independent music at Gullivers, Manchester.


Record sleeves

Some selected scans from the Record Sleeves series of drawings, prints and collage onto found paper 45 sleeves.

The first is a laser-jet print of a transcript from two tape recordings of journeys. Typed onto a till roll as part of a 2008 project of recording random journeys and later typing from the tapes, the text is a mix of describing what I heard on the tape and the memory of what I heard, saw and did on the journey. At the time I was only vaguely aware of Situationism and the similarities in my work. It has since become a valuable reference point.

The second is another re-used image from a previous stage in my work- part of the Mechanical Drawings  series from 2007-2009- is laser printed onto the top corner of the paper sleeve. The old sticky-tape, number 37 and signature of the previous owner become part of the new composition and of course the hole which has removed a large part of the original drawing.

These two circular drawings are made by fixing drawing media- a black marker pen and graphite stick to the arm of a record player and letting the turntable do the drawing. The graphite was so light that the record player had to be left running for some time before the pattern became clear. The writing crossed out in blue felt-pen was already on the sleeve when found.


Electronic Organica IX 28/01

Electronic Organica IX at the Briton's Protection, Manchester

The piece went well. Even though a the tape recorder didn't work the sound of the buttons being pushed was good. Starting out with a clean cymbal and then gradually introducing delays and loops. Made a nice collage of textures with scratching, scraping, tapping sounds along with more metallic sounds from cymbal and a reverb spring (removed from a guitar amp and mounted in a cigar box) with some sounds building up and some dropping in and out. Made a loop between the radio ariel touching the cymbal with both going through the mixer then touching the cymbal with a skewer linking myself to the ariel. Moving the skewer around the cymbal changed the tone of the static. A bit of experimenting during the performance is always fun. Built up  loop of loud rumbling clattering cymbal and that electronic whipping sound from the reverb then dropped everything to reveal the textured sound of the brush bristling and scratching on the cymbal.

^ Phone pic by Ian Simpson.

     Notes for the composition.>

Objects / insrtuments used: Cymbal with contact mic, skewer, book with contact mic, pocket radio, reverb spring, Buddha Machine, tape recorder, workshop brush, 'beater' (a rubber ball on a knitting needle), digital loops and delays.


Temporary Structures free download album

"Temporary Structures"

Gary Fisher 2010
1. (12.02)

2. (8.04)

Now on free download from my new netlabel
Found In a Skip
Hosted by the Internet archive: archive.org

Skip06- Temporary Structures
(all files including cover direct from the netlabel)

From the album's last.fm page:

A recording of a rehearsal the night before a concert that was cancelled. Temporary Structures is a continuous,
improvised, live composition in three loose ‘movements’ moving through different combinations of instruments and objects and forming smaller compositions and cycles that overlap and leak into each other, sounds falling in and fading out or popping up suddenly (the accidental sound of a spectrum game tape signaled the end of the first part and has ended two live performances in a similar way). The intention for the performance and this recording was to was to be more patient with building the composition by letting it unfold with more of a sense of time passing and include a mixture of sounds created electronically and acoustically ranging from textured, minimal and close, such as a rustled plastic bag against a microphone, to ambient and spacial sounds like live radio static without it getting too noise-heavy. The piece starts minimal and quiet with the textured sound of an amplified book being tapped and scraped and ends in a similar way, but more tuneful, with a single echoed note from the scrap guitar a home-made instrument of a bit of found wood with two guitar machine-heads at one end and strings stretched across it.

The title “Temporary Structures” comes from a fascination with architecture and structures related to it that are not permanent fixtures (cranes and scaffolding are constantly going up and coming down all over Manchester in it’s relentless regeneration) and was conceived some time before but chosen for this recording as it suggests something about the approach to the composition and the things that inspired it. The cover photo is the Chapman Gallery at the University of Salford taken by Gary on 35m film. The CDr version is packaged in a single sheet of folded A4 paper printed with the full photo.

Instruments and objects used: amplified book, scrap guitar, contact mics, plastic bag, small cymbal, drum mic, reverb spring (removed from a guitar amplifier), knitting needle, beater (metal skewer with bouncy ball on the end), tape recorder with train tape and spectrum game tape, heat sink (removed from an old stereo), stylophone with chorus effect pedal, pocket radio, Loop-station and -of course- digital delay.
(in this post blue text are links to tags in last.fm)

Counting Backwards #5

Thursday 3 February, 7.30pm, Fuel Cafe Bar, Withington, Manchester.

The next installment of Counting Backwards: a bi-monthly text-sound-performance event founded and curated by Matt Dalby, Richard Barrett and myself. The event has been doing well since it launched and has featured a good mix of experimental music,   poetry, sound art and performance.


Electronic Organica IX 28/01/11

Planning a piece in 3 parts for this night of experimental music and improvisation. Aiming for a good mix of sounds, electronic and acoustic with some nice subtle, quiet parts as well as the usual loops and noises piling up.

Electronic Organica IX onfacebook