The Penthouse Residency 7/2/13 - 7/3/13

Just started a residency at The Penthouse- a new not for profit artists' space in Manchester's Northern Quarter. I am taking over a room reserved for residencies by invited artists who's work has methods and values in common to the vision for The Penthouse of it's creators and curators- artists Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp.

From my initial proposal:
"Sounds will be recorded, drawings made, photographs taken, experiments performed, texts written. The residency space will become a working studio: a place to collate and organize research, a place to plan, a place to bring objects, sounds, and images together. The space, the Penthouse, the building and its surroundings will provide a basis to create new works as as response to that environment and context."

More phone pictures of the residency space before work began, taken 6/2/12: