"Ground-loop Problem"

A free download EP on my Found in a Skip netlabel. Originally released in 2009.

(Original post: 16/06/10. Updated: 05/02/11)

Download direct from the label (all tracks and cover):
Skip 05

1. Six Lines 2. Buddha Book Taps 3. Three Bands of Static 4. Delayed Trains
5. Accidental Ending.

Named after a problem with a ground-loop ruining any attempts at recording with an unwanted and constant noise that went away as suddenly as it arrived- Ground Loop Problem is an EP of selected live improvised, minimal composition experiments from 2010 and one from 2009. The tracks ‘Six Lines’, ‘Buddha Book Taps’ and ‘Accidental Ending’ are taken from the same recording.

‘Accidental Ending’ is a genuine accident with the main loop cutting off instead of fading out.

The sounds are made with; amplified books, contact mics, broken cymbal, small cymbal, toy xylaphone, wire rack, pill packet, typewriter, breath, 3 band pocket radio, tape recorder, found field recording tape, ‘Steam In The 50s’ tape, turntable with ‘Golden Age of Steam’ record, fence brace, various found objects, reel-to-reel tape recorder, digital delay, Loopstation.

Track 2 contains samples from the FM3 Buddha Machine II: