Mill 24: 12 tracks completed.

Mill 24 was a 24 hour arts event at Islington Mill, Salford, from 12pm on Saturday June 29 till 12pm on Sunday June 30 With artists creating works and performances throughout the 24 hours. My original proposal was to make 24 different sound recording in 24 hours with 1 hour to source, record, edit and publish each track within the hour. The project was shortened to 12 hours. Using only the place and what was happening at the time as the basis for the recordings the results are mostly field recordings taken on various formats; reel-to-reel tape, digital voice recorder, cassette-recorder and direct to computer, capturing different textures and documenting actions, observations, people, places and spaces around the Mill. The results are the 12 tracks and photographs below that were posted as they were finished some were published late - an hour is a rather short time find something to record, record it, photograph it, edit it, upload to Soundcloud, link to the blog and upload a photograph.

Tape recorder and sound drawing on a windowsill of the stairs  at Islington Mill.